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Photo listing: tracks (problem)

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Pedestrianise Park Road from Gerrard Gardens to Brassington Avenue, incorporating cycle pathway to The Parade and up to Station Street. Improvement of the bridge - painting/lighting. Make Sutton Park more accessible to people and remove the … [more]

Bad pinch point with taxis/ cars and pedestrians existing train station. Widen pavement

Needs a proper pedestrian crossing

Pavement parking is a problem here. Car owners should be fined.

Pavement parking is a problem here. These cars need to be moved.

Widen the road by 3 feet, and widen pavement by 6ft narrow road nasty bend,narrow pavement next to school what could go wrong???!!!Make this a safer route to school

Pavements are narrow

Pavement along Mulberry Road very dangerous with cracked slabs, for pedestrians

Pavement is seriously blocked by inconsiderate car owners. Existing parking laws should be enforced.

Pavement here is permanently blocked with parked cars. It needs clearing.

Inconsiderate drivers block the pavement here. They should show more respect to the local community.

Pavements in Selly Oak are dangerous and difficult to walk on due to uneven slabs, damaged by motor vehicles.

Please stop cars parking on the pavement. Cars frequently park 'full on' the pavement, particularly during evenings, sometimes totally blocking it.

No pavement at all either side of this road as it enters on to Wake Green Road. Some marking for pedestrians needed as road is dangerous with parking obscuring the view of traffic, and traffic turning into the road at speed.

Pedestrian crossing/lights needed here. Cars tend to speed across this junction and it's very scary to cross as a pedestrian. Someone will get seriously hurt here.

Bollards need to be installed due to constant double parking on yellow lines, blocking both sides of the road and pavement and the cycle path.

Shared cycle/pavement, unable to socially distance as both are too narroe

Narrow pavement, with 3 bus stops and a guard rail on the outside mean that this is a busy place and allows little space between people walking along and waiting for buses

Narrow pavements hemmed in by guardrails on both sides of the road make social distancing difficult. Pavement should be widened here.

The proposed widening of the A457 here will result in a narrower footway which will become shared use for cyclists and pedestrians and make social distancing difficult especially with the bus stops here. The road shoulf not be widened in … [more]

Pavements here will be made narrower and converted to shared use cycle and pedestrian as a result of the proposed A457 road widening scheme. Bus shelters along here will exacerbate tbe situation. Social distancing will be impossible if the … [more]

The pavements here are narrow with busy bus stops and are hemmed in by pedestrian guardrails. It's impossible to socially distance here. Guardrails need removing and pavement widened.

This needs to be a pedestrian crossing controlled by lights

Pinch point...Footpath narrows a lot. Redesign junction to give space to pedestrians and cyclists. It has been forgotten about for years as it is on the edge of 2 council areas.

Very narrow pathway and people cannot social distance here. Make path one way until a proper solution can be found.

The pedestrian lights here have a long delay and give precedence to cars. Shorten the time before they stop traffic and give pedestrians priority

Very dangerous...No cycle or pedestrian crossing here or on Rocky Lane.

As a temporary measure paint one way markings on the narrow pavements to enable proper social distancing.

Pinch point around bus stop and at corner of Howard Rd East. Widen footpath here.

The Greenway here is presently closed to cyclists but signing from Bournville park and dismount signs would enable riders to get from Woodbrooke Road, Bournville Lane and Bournville Park to cross Linden Road using the Pelican crossing the … [more]

Widen the pavement and add cycle lights to the pelican crossing

Signing here to make it dual use would help to make it safer for pedestrians

Improvement here could link a cycleway from Ley Hill to the Rea valley Cycleway. It could go through the Cadbury factory (which presently prohibits cycling) to join up with Bourneville lane and a cycle way to get onto the Rea Valley.

Improvement here could link a cycleway from Ley Hill to the Rea valley Cycleway. It could go through the Cadbury factory (which presently prohibits cycling) to join up with Bourneville lane and a cycle way to get onto the Rea Valley.

Introduce proper queuing at bus stop to enable pedestrians to pass safely.

Wheelchair users, pushchairs and postman struggle due to no dropped kerb. A dropped kerb is needed at Richmond Place junction with Gaddesby Rd.

Pinch point, blind bend on footpath, introduce way mirrors and resurface footpath next to field

Shops are starting to reopen and display goods so pavement is narrowed. Remove at least parking spaces and long term close road to enable proper social distancing.

Mark pavement for post office queue and only to enter store when clear. People should not be crowding and queuing 30 deep in the building itself.

Move bin as queue for Wiko forces pedestrians towards queue

Queue outside Barclays blocking pavement for pedestrians. Put markers on pavement.

Traffic calming needed due to “boy racers” sliding around the island. Extend the pavement to tighten up the entrances and exits from the island, and make the island larger to reduce the road width, slowing traffic down. Maybe cycle lanes on … [more]

Stop cars parking on the pavement. At the bottom end of Tenbury Road the pavements are like parking lots

Huge problems with pavement parking here. Needs railings to protect pedestrians and allow bus route to flow freely as parking causes a bottle neck and pollution

Remove bus stops as impossible to pass queues without walking in road. No 11 can use existing shop in Addison Rd and other services to use High Street.

Pinch point with queue outside pound shop. Move rubbish bin to enable people to pass queue safely

Very dangerous 4 lane junction with no crossing facilities. Totally redesign junction install crossings and cycle lanes

Please add another pedestrian crossing or traffic light to facilitate walking. It is a dangerous dual lane street to cross

The traffic light at this section (coming from Quinton) takes too long to change. This should be changed to immediate

Widen path

Close the road in the evenings to allow the cafes and bars to open with social distancing. Pre Covid this road was thriving with many independent bars and restaurants, but they will struggle now without being able to use the pavements.

Dangerous crossover on Poplar Ed traps pedestrians in tight groups. Crossover to be returned to zebra crossing status as before Plus mini-Holland type raised footway to deter dangerous drivers doing high speed turns

People are kept too close together for too long at the crossing lights for Salisbury/A435/St Mary’s-

Improve traffic markings in this area - drivers constantly stationary over the pedestrian crossing to Moor Street during heavy traffic and presents a danger

The Warehouse Cafe at the Friend of the Earth building are planning to reopen once the government guidlines allow. The likelihood of social distancing rules and reduced covers inside mean outdoor eating space would be crucial to ensure … [more]

Although it is a new cycle path it is not wide enough to include walkers and dog walkers at any safe distance.

Please widen the path

Great example of where 'Widen my Path' is required! This is a real pinch point on the canal towpath - all that money has been spent widening the tunnel to leave a pinch point 10m from the end. Social distancing is impossible and cyclists/ … [more]

Cyclists are directed down a shared path so narrow that two bikes cannot pass each other. A much better alternative would be to make this a footpath and direct cyclists along Charfield Close to Cob Lane. Charfield Close has an outdated … [more]

Parking removed to make cycling and walking easier

Removal of parking bays apart from a few for blue badge holders to create more space.

Widen pavement to allow cafe and shops to create external sales and dining area. Only requires removal of 1no car parking space, rest is on yellow lines.

More Green Lane has become a speed track for young drivers in performance cars . Someone will get killed one day.

Needs a pavement all the way down on the South side here.

Pedestrian crossing needed here . Major crossing into the Park and very fast and dangerous road. Would also help to slow traffic racing on this road.

Pedestrian Crossing needed here to Park. Major route now.

Road needs a proper parallel cycle and walking path. Cars make this road from Streetly Gate very hazardous for pedestrians and cyclists.

Pavement is too narrow - needs widening to be safe for pedestrians. Also could be wide enough for cycle access into Park at Streetly Gate.

No pavement on one side and very narrow on other side. Fast and furious traffic. Major crossing through to the Park.

Narrow pavement with bushes blocking the pavement. Hazardous.

Pavement next to bus stop is way too narrow. Passengers get soaked by passing vehicles.

Pavement over railways bridge is very narrow. Hazardous.

No pavement at all at the entrance to Hillhook LNR. You have to cross the dangerous road and then cross back. Hazardous.

Pavement too narrow with fast traffic very close to pedestrians.

Stop shops obstructing pavement with advertising, sign boards. shop canopies etc

Wooden planter boxes block the pavement here on both sides of Moseley Road and need to be removed

Dangerous for pedestrians crossing Edward Road, so add a zebra type facility

The green light here is encouraging speeding down Edward Road and jumping the junction. Pedestrians cross against the green. Should it be a zebra crossing with flashing amber?

Create/formalise pavement along north side of Wake Green Road to make both sides usable and allow both more distanced walking routes, and easier pedestrian access to schools and park facilities along this road

Widen pavement and formalise pedestrian crossings around this high-traffic roundabout to enable safe and socially-distanced foot traffic - including in/out of Cannon Hill Park. This can help encourage more people to walk to the park rather … [more]

Widening of pavement required on this road as it is a cycling and walking route. It often gets busy with families cycling, dog walkers and runners. So widening the footway and improving the ncn5 here would enable better social distancing.

Widening of pavement required on this road as it is a cycling and walking route. It often gets busy with families cycling, dog walkers and runners. So widening the footway and improving the ncn5 here would enable better social distancing.

Traffic calming and wider pavements needed on Butlers Lane. People coming out of train station often need to walk into road especially busy with school children going to Arthur Terry school. Cars speed along this road. Traffic calming … [more]

Walking/scooting to all primary schools in Birmingham should be the norm. Harborne,St Mary's,St Peters and Chad should have walking routes prioritised over cars.Changes in road design with enforcement of speeding and illegal parking should … [more]

There is a 50 bus stop just outside the Co-op. There is insufficient space here to safely social distance when people are walking along pavement and people are awaiting a bus, or alighting.

Wider footpath needed here

Wider footpath needed along this stretch

Footpath near M+S is to narrow

Narrow pavements could be widened by removing on street parking

Wider pavement opposite the Man on the Moon and a safer crossing

Raja Brothers have their fresh fruit and veg outside their shop and customers of Raja Brothers and other Ladypool Rd customers park in this area. Because Raja Brothers have their produce here the pavement is entirely too small to achieve … [more]

Persistent pavement parking does not allow people to social distance along Moseley Road in Balsall Heath . Bollards would be the answer. At least re-instate kerbs where there is a dropped kerb.. Remove parking and loading restrictions … [more]

Need for a way for pedestrians to cross Moseley Road here . temporary courtesy crossing

Wooden planter boxes block the pavement here on both sides of Moseley Road and need to be removed

A cut through of the pavement would allow cyclists to use this quiet back street alternative to the A435

Wooden planter boxes with BCC logo on are blocking the pavement and should be removed to make space

Pedestrian lights show green almost all the time, which is the wrong message on what is now a one way, The lights would be safer if switched off. Temporary zebra or courtesy crossing and sign instead

Very narrow bridge and footways. Should be one way, or even blocked off altogether

Remove the derelict brick planters which narrow the footway down in front of the hospital. Cyclists do use it, as well as pedestrians

Insufficient space for walking / spacing from station to park road

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